The ”Glamour” is one of the title projects of Dreamscape Production, a groundbreaking initiative that is birthed to specifically recognise and celebrate role models in Modelling, Fashion, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and public officeholders.

Amb. Tokunbo Odedina-Casson

CEO Dreamscape Productions

What we aim to achieve

Our objective is to recognize and celebrate role models in the fashion industry, public service, entertainment and entrepreneurship.
We also want to show case the right kind of individuals to the youths, people with proven exemplary leadership quality and standout achievers in their field.
Most importantly our goal is to recognise people we call ”underground icons”, these kind of individual are always behind the scene, people not popularly known the media but are affecting people’s lives positively.

A Brief History of GRMA

The ”Glamour” brand was birthed from the desire to appreciate, recognise and celebrate the modelling and fashion practitioners within the industry, such practitioners include agencies, models, fashion designers and their supporters. This brought about the 1st edition of the ”Glamour” titled ” Glamour Night with Nigerian Models” and also brought about the 2nd edition titled ” Glamour Night out” (The Fashion Party) in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
The vision of the ”Glamour” kept growing and getting bigger, therefore brought about the third edition which was GLAMOUR ROLE MODEL AWARDS 2016.

dreamscape production logo

About the Organizers

Dreamscape Productions is a production company that has a foothold in positioning brands to their target market through creating strategic and innovative events as well as campaigns. We package and manage fashion events and also talents within the entertainment and modelling industry.

Our Team